My business was born after years of experience in the family business in the custom-made furniture sector and consists of providing a technical and productive assistance service for brokering supplies of custom-made furniture produced by artisan companies based on one's taste and habits. personal details of the client, in addition to "made to measure" I have the possibility of collaborating with designer companies with global knowledge, creating harmony and elegance for every large and small project. My service is to follow architectural firms from their project to production, or to design and follow the private client directly, giving the best market price at the highest quality and with MADE IN ITALY precision.

My service does not just stop at furniture but at everything that concerns the furnishing of apartments, hotels, restaurants, villas, bars, shops, given the collaboration of companies and technicians who are experts in all sectors (marble workers, blacksmiths, foundries, metalworkers, upholsterers, electricians, alarm systems, lighting, stage builders, painters, plumbers, etc.) also providing turnkey services to give the best service to create harmony, elegance and luxury in the proposed project.